Agile & Scrum Certification and Training

Certified Scrum Master Training In Person or Live & Online

Our two- or four-day Certified Scrum Master training course introduces the concepts of Agile project leadership using the Scrum methodology. Our Scrum Master training course is highly immersive and will teach you, in detail, how the Scrum roles work, how to plan and run the Sprint meetings, how to build a Definition of Done, how to drive your Scrum adoption at your company, and more!

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training In Person or Live & Online

Our two- or four-day Virtual Certified Scrum Product Owner Course introduces the concepts of agile product management using Scrum. Our Product Owner Course will provide you with the tools, techniques, and most importantly, the understanding needed to be an effective Scrum Product Owner. Learn things like effective Product Backlog management, multiple prioritization techniques, release planning and more!

I had the opportunity to undergo Scrum Master training conducted by Mitch for Microsoft IT team and should say that I was lucky to take that training. He has amazing knowledge on Scrum and Agile principles and his every single word during the training made me to understand the value of the Scrum process that we were following in our team daily. He added more sense to his explanations by quoting real-time examples and project scenarios which made it very easy to relate and understand the principles better. I would highly recommend him to anyone planning to take Scrum related training offerings that he provides.

Baalavignesh Arumugam
Software Engineer 2, Microsoft

Mitch was able to provide real - world context to the curriculum that easily allowed us to immediately apply the skills he taught to our existing processes and augment our procedures to maximize efficiency and adaptability. In an environment like ours this can be quite challenging, but he was able to provide a framework that was basically turn-key and allowed us to jump right into the new style with our next sprint. I would recommend his class to anyone who is looking to improve manageability and efficiency for their development team!

Graham Tiplady
Sr. Service Engineer, Microsoft Azure Storage

Alexander Forst-Rakoczy

I had the pleasure of attending the ScrumMaster Course taught by Mitch. He managed to keep the students engaged during the whole course by never spending too much time just lecturing and providing fun exercises that really shine a light on why you should be doing Scrum. While I still am on the early stages of my career, the course will certainly push me to adopt Scrum whenever I can, and I am looking forward to bring new ideas to the workplace.