Agile & Scrum Certification and Training

Advanced Certified Scrum Master Training

Certified Scrum Master Training In Person or Live & Online

Our Certified Scrum Master class training brings you the opportunity to become an agile project leader and master the Scrum methodology. During our two- or four-day course, you’ll be immersed in a comprehensive program that will equip you with the best practices for successful planning and execution of the Sprint meetings, Definition of Done, development practices, as well as driving adoption of Scrum at your company. With us, you’ll be able to gain the expertise needed for successful Agile project leadership – so sign up today!

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training In Person or Live & Online

Are you looking to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner? Look no further than our two- or four-day product owner course! This immersive experience will provide you with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to master agile product management using Scrum. Our engaging and informative lessons will equip you with the tools, techniques, and expertise for effective Product Backlog management, multiple prioritization techniques, release planning and more! Get on the path to becoming a Certified Scrum Product Owner today with our comprehensive course.

I became CSM and CPO with Mitch Lacey as CST. All that I can say is that the courses were great and that Mitch besides being a great instructor he mixed the theory with is personal experience adding even more value to the courses. I recommend Mitch as a professional (Scrum and IT related) and mostly as a person (to go out and eat some pastéis de belém or the world best chocolate cake).He is definitely the guy you want as an instructor. He is 100% dedicated to his classes and sticks with the values of Agile. In fact, I even saw him do some push ups with a student, during the class, just to show everyone that you shouldn’t be late (Agile Principle: Respect).

Pedro Gustavo Torres
Project Manager, Optimus Telecom

Highly recommend taking his ScrumMaster course. Very engaging and he has a lot of knowledge and experience running scrum.

Annie Raventos
Process Engineer / Project Manager

I had the (great) opportunity of attending Mitch’s CSM and CSPO trainings and i have to see that he is one of the best (to not to say the best) trainer i ever had. His deep knowledge of the topics together with a natural capability of teaching makes him a tremendous asset that all companies would like to hire to provide a high & reliable scrum training quality. In case you are looking for someone to teach Scrum methodology in a very enthusiastic way, i strongly recommend to attend Mitch’s training courses. In my case, i’m looking forward to meet him again in a near future.

José Araújo
Product Owner, CSPO, SAP

I attended the Scrum Master Training in Vienna in March 2012 and was impressed by the overall experience. Mitch managed to attract my attention over all 2 days and there was not a single boring minute. The excercises and examples as well as the stories out of private life were fun and very helpful to catch the agile spirit. Mitch’s way to collect feedback from the audience and respond to it worked great to overcome any impediments and keep the audience focused.After 17 years of receiving classroom trainings, this was best of breed!