Agile & Scrum Certification and Training

Certified Scrum Master Training In Person or Live & Online

Our two- or four-day Certified Scrum Master training course introduces the concepts of Agile project leadership using the Scrum methodology. Our Scrum Master training course is highly immersive and will teach you, in detail, how the Scrum roles work, how to plan and run the Sprint meetings, how to build a Definition of Done, how to drive your Scrum adoption at your company, and more!

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training In Person or Live & Online

Our two- or four-day Virtual Certified Scrum Product Owner Course introduces the concepts of agile product management using Scrum. Our Product Owner Course will provide you with the tools, techniques, and most importantly, the understanding needed to be an effective Scrum Product Owner. Learn things like effective Product Backlog management, multiple prioritization techniques, release planning and more!

My company, The Regence Group, brought Mitch in to provide ScrumMaster training to about 30 employees in January of 2011. The short recommendation is WOW! I’ve spent 15 years in IT and this is the best, most relevant course I have ever had the pleasure to attend.I have a great deal of project management experience but am fairly new to agile methodologies and have had a hard time changing my mindset. However, the combination of Mitch’s presentation of the material, his real world examples, and fun class exercises/activities helped me both to grasp the overall picture and identify ways to improve Regence’s implementation of the methodology.In fact, I liked the training so much that I visited his website to find out about other training opportunities and then approached my management about attending. When informed there was no training budget I decided to pursue the training at my own expense, which I NEVER considered doing prior to this class.In short, if you are looking for a fantastic Scrum training experience, Mitch is your man. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Kevin Royce
Sr. Systems Analyst at Regence Group

Mitch is a really good instructor. He can set the pace with the class so he won’t go too fast or too slow. He knows almost everything about SCRUM (no one ever knows everything, that’s why I write “almost”). If you want to have training in Agile methodologies (and you want to have really good classes), Mitch is the guy to get.

André Gil
Associate Specialist, Novabase

Great speaker!! Lot of knowledge, and explains his knowledge the way that others understand and learn. Great class. Thanks Mitch.

Nuno Ferreira
Senior Consultant, Mailtec Consultoria

I had the opportunity to attend the scrum product owner and estimation training delivered by Mitch. It was time well invested. The three day class was packed with knowledge sharing and group activities. Mitch demonstrated his in-depth knowledge in the area, coupled with his experience in the software industry. He was able to quickly adapt and tailor his material with examples based on our needs. I left the classroom satisfied and I am now ready to apply what I learned. Highly recommend Mitch to anyone who is interested in scrum training.

Bonny Lee
Project Manager Lead, SAP

Certified ScrumMaster with Mountain Goat Software Training

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