Learn in the comfort of your own choosing with our live and online Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner classes! We have built an extremely immersive and engaging online class format using a variety of tools that will not only give you the skills needed to pass the exams on your first try, but you'll be prepared to help your organization successfully transition to Scrum!

Impactful Training

Our training courses go beyond the book, providing far more than you can learn by browsing the internet or skimming the latest agile literature. Our Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner offer participants trusted, tried and true methods for leading a Scrum project.

Choose from standard training and custom curriculum training courses to suit your company objectives and needs. We will work with you to come up with the best solution to meet your needs, which sometimes is the least expensive solution.

Compassionate Coaching

Sometimes research and training just aren’t enough. Often, especially with a methodology like Scrum that seems simple but takes years to perfect, organizations need someone to come to them, see how they work, and guide them through the obstacles and trouble spots.

We use coaching to support you through the adoption of new practices. We work hand in hand with project teams in the role of a player-coach. We work on your schedule that can vary from intensive to light.

Experienced Consulting

We provide expert software consulting services. A typical consulting engagement starts off by identifying the need. Why? Too often companies ask for services without understanding why they need them. This is not a recipe for success, for us or for you.

We will do our due diligence with you, providing you options that we believe will put you on the path to success – even if this path does not include us. We do this because we believe it is more important that you are successful than it is for us to make a quick buck. That is just not part of our values.

I found Mitch’s Certified ScrumMaster class to be very informative and helpful. I had gone through Agile team training 10 years ago and spent the last 10 years slowly morphing from waterfall development to Agile and DevOps. This class was a great reminder of how teams should be doing Agile, compared to how they are actually doing it.I highly recommend this course offering. And yes, I passed the test immediately after the class ended.

Mary Booher
Project Manager, IBM

Mitch taught a Certified Scrum Master class that I attended. The attendees varied from no Scrum experience to a lot of Scrum experience and he was able to adjust his content to fit. Mitch doesn’t lazily present his material slide after slide. He shows up with a strong passion for how to do things right. He uses a ton of “in the trenches” anecdotes and data points. He actively listed to questions that the class asked and when it seemed that we didn’t collectively grok an important point, he tried to figure out a new way to illuminate us. I think Mitch is especially appropriate for teams that have Scrum doubters, since Mitch is a tenacious Scrum evangelist.

Josh Pepper
Senior Program Manager, Bing Local, Microsoft

I had the opportunity to undergo Scrum Master training conducted by Mitch for Microsoft IT team and should say that I was lucky to take that training. He has amazing knowledge on Scrum and Agile principles and his every single word during the training made me to understand the value of the Scrum process that we were following in our team daily. He added more sense to his explanations by quoting real-time examples and project scenarios which made it very easy to relate and understand the principles better. I would highly recommend him to anyone planning to take Scrum related training offerings that he provides.

Baalavignesh Arumugam
Software Engineer 2, Microsoft

I had the big privilege of attending Mitch’s Certified ScrumMaster Course. Mitch is a great teacher and communicator, and shows lots of knowledge on the subject. All the funny practical exercises allowed the students to gain a better understanding of the concepts underlying Scrum. Funny exercises also demonstrated in a very simple way, the value of working according the scrum framework. Mitch’s training is surely the best way to learn about Scrum!