Learn in the comfort of your own choosing with our live and online Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner classes! We have built an extremely immersive and engaging online class format using a variety of tools that will not only give you the skills needed to pass the exams on your first try, but you'll be prepared to help your organization successfully transition to Scrum!

Impactful Training

Our training courses that go beyond the book, providing far more than what you can learn by browsing the internet or skimming the latest agile literature. Our Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner offer participants trusted, tried and true methods for leading a Scrum project.

Choose from standard training and custom curriculum training courses to suit your company objectives and needs. We will work with you to come up with the best solution to meet your needs, which sometimes is the less expensive solution.

Compassionate Coaching

Sometimes research and training just aren’t enough. Often, especially with a methodology like Scrum that seems simple but takes years to perfect, organizations need someone to come to them, see how they work, and guide them through the obstacles and trouble spots.

We use coaching to support you through the adoption of new practices. We work hand in hand with project teams in the role of a player-coach. We work on your schedule that can vary from intensive to light.

Experienced Consulting

We provide expert software consulting services. A typical consulting engagement starts off by identifying the need. Why? Too often companies ask for services without understanding why they need them. This is not a recipe for success, for us or for you.

We will do our due diligence with you, providing you options that we believe will put you on the path to success – even if this path does not include us. We do this because we believe it is more important that you are successful than it is for us to make a quick buck. That is just not part of our values.

Mitch is a really good instructor. He can set the pace with the class so he won’t go too fast or too slow. He knows almost everything about SCRUM (no one ever knows everything, that’s why I write “almost”). If you want to have training in Agile methodologies (and you want to have really good classes), Mitch is the guy to get.

André Gil
Associate Specialist, Novabase

I attended the Scrum Master Training in Vienna in March 2012 and was impressed by the overall experience. Mitch managed to attract my attention over all 2 days and there was not a single boring minute. The excercises and examples as well as the stories out of private life were fun and very helpful to catch the agile spirit. Mitch’s way to collect feedback from the audience and respond to it worked great to overcome any impediments and keep the audience focused.After 17 years of receiving classroom trainings, this was best of breed!

Markus Bernhaus
Project Manager / CMMI Consultant, HP

I have attended a training course in Scrum Master lectured by Mitch and I was amazed: The way the sessions were structured, the exercises and the way we were led to draw conclusions out of the given problems were very well considered. Mitch has a very specific way of making people using their own mind to solve purposed problems whilst using what’s been taught. The whole course content has exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend his work, both books and training on Scrum methodology.

Andreia Santos
Business Analyst for iOS Apps

I had a ScrumMaster training with Mitch, afterwards the only thing that I can say: SUPERB!”