Virtual CSM and CSPO Classes are Available

Learn in the comfort of your own choosing with our virtual Certified ScrumMaster and Product Owner classes! We have built an extremely immersive and engaging online class format using a variety of tools that will no only give you the skills needed to pass the exams on your first try, but you'll be prepared to help your organization successfully transition to Scrum!

Impactful Training

We offer training courses that go beyond the book. We don’t just tell you what you can find out by browsing the internet or skimming the latest and greatest agile literature. Our Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner and other courses offer participants trusted methods for leading a Scrum project. Choose from standard training and custom curriculum training courses to suit your company objectives and needs. We will work with you to come up with the best solution to meet your needs, which sometimes is the less expensive solution.

Compassionate Coaching

Sometimes research and training just aren’t enough. Often, especially with a methodology like Scrum that seems simple but takes years to perfect, organizations need someone to come to them, see how they work, and guide them through the obstacles and trouble spots. We use coaching to support you through the adoption of new practices. We work hand in hand with project teams in the role of a player-coach. We work on your schedule that can vary from intensive to light.

Experienced Consulting

We provide expert software consulting services. A typical consulting engagement starts off by identifying the need. Why? Too often companies ask for services without understanding why they need them. This is not a recipe for success, for us or for you. We will do our due diligence with you, providing you options that we believe will put you on the path to success – even if this path does not include us. We do this because we believe it is more important that you are successful than it is for us to make a quick buck. That is just not part of our values.

Just finished a two day Certified ScrumMaster Course taught by Mitch Lacey and passed the ScrumMaster certification test on the first try. Mitch skillfully blended facts, exercises, and real world stories to help me understand scrum on a practical level–and prepare me to pass the test. And the best thing is I learned things that will help me work with my team to make them more effective. His methods help to ingrain what you’ve learned, as opposed to other courses where the knowledge you gain is fleeting. Highly recommend Mitch and the course. Seattle, WA - November 2015

Program Manager at Sila Solutions Group
Dennis Brooke

Mitch was recommended to me by Mike Cohn when looking to provide a Certified ScrumMaster course to my organization. Being the Scrum coach in my organization, I wanted to provide the best education and experience to my executives and colleagues and Mitch delivered just that. He provided a half day Scrum overview and a 2 day Certified ScrumMaster course. I worked closely with Mitch before the course to make sure he had everything he needed to provide the right experience and training. It was great to be able to see how organized and prepared Mitch was for the class. He also provided guidance and suggestions for some of the issues we were having on projects throughout the organization that was helpful and insightful. Mitch’s class was exciting and tailored to our organization and attendees. He was able to lead our class of 36 people through the 2 days of activities, collaborative exercises and discussions. All of the individuals who had attended the course left feeling they understood the fundamentals of Scrum and were excited to experience it in action. I will bring Mitch in for future courses and consulting and would recommend him to anyone who asks. April 2008

Raffi Simonian, Manager
AAA - Northern California, Nevada & Utah

Being someone that attended several Certification/courses, I’m pretty comfortable and happy to recommend Mitch. I attended the CSM course in Lisbon, and right from the beginning, the whole class, all 23, started interacting with Mitch. He teaches the way I like/want/expect, with real life examples and lots of exercises so we can practice what we learned. Mitch is the right person to help you on Agile/Scrum. Lisbon, Portugal - October 2014

Pedro Jose
Principal Consultant at Sigma Systems

Mitch was my teacher on Scrum Alliance course “Agile Estimation and Planning” and I recommend him for everybody wanting to improve the knowledge on agile methodologies. Mitch is a great teacher, knows how to keep the audience completely focused and he is an expert on agile principals and best practices. December 2009

João Brandão Rodrigues
PMP, Development Team Leader, HP