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Agile and Scrum for Managers, On-Demand and Self-Paced

This is not only just for managers, but for anyone looking to expand their practical Scrum and Agile skills in an easy-to-understand, actionable manner! All in an action packed 90-minutes for just $79.99!

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Online and In-Person Certified Scrum and Agile Training

Impactful Training

Our training courses provide participants with a depth of knowledge beyond what can be gleaned from casual internet browsing or skimming through Agile articles. Whether you choose our in-person or live online Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM), Certified Scrum Master (CSM) or Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) courses, you'll gain expertise in proven methods for effectively leading successful Scrum projects.

If you're considering your training options, we offer both standard and customizable curriculum courses designed to align with your company's specific objectives and requirements. Our goal is to assist you in selecting the most cost-effective solution that fully satisfies your business needs.

Compassionate Coaching

Sometimes research and training are not sufficient. Organizations may need someone to observe how they operate and guide them through difficulties while adopting a method like Scrum, which looks straightforward but takes years to master.

Our coaching services will support you through the process of implementing new practices; we collaborate with project teams as both a coach and a player. We are flexible with our schedule and can offer intensive or light support.

Experienced Consulting

We provide expert software consulting services to help you succeed. Before we start an engagement, we will work with you to identify your needs and determine the best path forward - even if that doesn't include our services.

We value success over a quick buck, so we'll always look for solutions that are in your best interest first. Our goal is to help you find the best way to reach your objectives. With our expertise, we can guide you on the path to success.

Mitch Lacey Advanced Scrum Master Course

Introducing our latest addition: Advanced Certified Scrum Master training! When you combine this with our comprehensive live online or in-person Scrum Master (CSM) or Product Owner (CSPO) training, you'll acquire the complete skill set necessary to elevate your proficiency beyond the fundamentals of the Scrum Framework and Agile methodologies!

We have meticulously designed an exceptionally immersive and interactive class format, available both in person and live online. This comprehensive approach incorporates a wide range of tools to equip you with the skills required to ace the exams on your initial attempt. Moreover, you'll be well-prepared to facilitate your organization's smooth transition to Scrum!

Leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise, you will gain the confidence to navigate the Agile process effectively. Enroll today to embark on your path to success! 

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any additional questions.

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Software development methodologies are boring. Mitch is helping to change that, and is incredibly effective at it. The Scrum course that he offers is entertaining, interactive, and completely worthwhile. The course helped me to understand the what, the why, and the how for using Scrum in my daily work. I would highly recommend that any team that’s looking to improve on its efficiency attend his Scrum course.

Justin Lindh
Principal Applications Engineer, Oracle

I had the luck to attend Mitch’s ScrumMaster class. It’s was amazing! Mitch is a great trainer, one of the best I ever had. He managed to share a lot of knowledge and experience without losing the audience, always with interactive exercises. Mitch’s reputation precedes him, and that’s entirely fair. He sure was up to the challenge and left 40 people thinking and rethinking how to improve their scrum methods.

Ricardo Rodrigues
Office Operations, Mindera

I recently took Mitch’s CSM course in Bellevue, WA on May 21-22, 2013 as a fun break during my recent job search to reinforce my skills and gain a certification.

In the two days of course delivery, Mitch very effectively balanced the both the time constraints and the volume of content, all the while maximizing the entertainment value with relevant stories and team exercises. Most importantly, he practiced what he preached by delivering the course using the structure of Scrum via four sprints split between the morning and afternoon sessions across the two days.

I highly recommend Mitch Lacey for CSM training. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and easily passed the certification exam that week without any extra study.

Mike Entzminger
Versatile Project Manager

If you or your organization are looking for an engaging experience and knowledge that stays with you after the class and after taking the certification exam, I would highly recommend Mitch to lead it. Mitch’s energy and passion grabs your attention the moment the class begins and his knowledge and experience keep you engaged over the course of the class.

I took Mitch’s 2-day ScrumMaster certification class in September of 2017. I anticipated a dry, monotonous, 2-day, slow, death-by-PowerPoint experience, however I was met with an active and participation-required discussion and learning opportunity. Mitch knows the “purest state” of SCRUM, but from his experience he understands that the application in the “real world” has limitations and compromises (nevertheless, he still pushes attendees to get their organizations as close to the pure state as possible in order to leverage the greatest amount of benefit that SCRUM can provide).