Managing Bugs in Scrum and Agile Projects

Jan 2, 2016

As I was revising and writing new content for The Scrum Field Guide, 2nd edition, I emailed my friend Bill Hanlon at Microsoft to get his feedback on my existing chapter on bugs. Bill and I worked together years ago and I often value Bill’s opinion more than I value my own. The guy constantly innovates on things that others would say are good enough. Things are never good enough for Bill, and he’s constantly experimenting and trying new things.

Technical Interviewing - You’re Doing it Wrong

Feb 3, 2013

Last week at the ALM Summit, Microsoft colleague Jonathan Wanagel and I presented a talk titled “Technical Interviewing – You’re Doing it Wrong!” and it was one of many highlights of the event. Download the slides here.We identified eight anti-patterns that people should avoid. As Jonathan stated in the talk, “many of them were likely created at Microsoft” – and while I can’t say that, I can say that I’ve seen all of them at many companies around the world.