Scrum Sprint Excel Templates

This Excel spreadsheet is a valuable resource for managing Scrum projects. It is designed to be used for a single Sprint and offers additional tracking options that are not typically included in the Scrum framework. These extra features can be utilized as needed, depending on the specific project requirements. One unique aspect of this sheet is the inclusion of a “Project Work Type” section. I outline how I use these specific reports in The Scrum Field Guide, as well as what drove their creation.

The spreadsheet has been consistently used and refined over the years, making it a reliable and efficient tool for Scrum teams.

For those looking for a straightforward and uncomplicated method of managing their projects, this Sprint backlog tool is an ideal solution. It simplifies the tracking process by providing automated burndown charts, cumulative flow diagrams, and other useful data.

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14 & 30 Day Sprint Excel Templates

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