SQE Agile Dev 2009 ScrumBut Tutorial

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Thanks to everyone who attended my workshop at SQE Agile Development Practices 2009 in Orlando titled “Practicing ScrumBut: Ensuring Project Failure” and special thanks to Cory Foy for coming up from Tampa to do the workshop with me.

Scrum for Managers

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I am always amazed when I ask people what they think the job of a manager is. I get answers like “to tell people what to do” to “stay out of the way” to “do my performance review” to “lead”.

The last one is always of interest to me. Do companies hire managers or do they hire leaders?

Agile Adoption: Structuring and Building an Agile Team

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Agile is about collaboration and cross functionality.  There are no heros on Agile teams.  How, then, do the hero's in your company fit in an Agile team or project?  Putting them full time on the project may impact other projects because the expertise is taken offline.  Further, it may cause the persons morale to dip and leave your company, going to a competitor.  That is bad.  What about when we find that we need a SME (or hero) on your project, but only in a limited or short term capacity?  How do you structure your team?