14 Day Sprint Timeline Diagrams

The Sprint 14 Day Timeline Activities diagram provides you and your team a quick reference for the activities that happen in a Sprint. These are based on current Scrum thinking (books, articles) and my experience running Scrum projects.

I originally created this timeline in early 2006 for my first Scrum project. The team and I needed a quick reference sheet to know what activities happened, and when. Since that time, I have updated it regularly.

One thing you will notice on the document is that the description for the daily scrum / standup is not detailed out. Why? It's a pretty basic Scrum activity that people understand. If you are not sure what it is, please see this page which provides an overview of the meeting.

The zip file has files in multiple sizes, ranging from A4 to A0, Ansi A-E and a PNG. Formats are print ready, as well as a PNG for use on the web. If you have print issues, please let me know and I will make adjustments.

14 Day Timeline Web Image

Download this, and a smaller condensed version in large, poster size format, below. Last update: 15 March 2019

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