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Scrum for Managers Online Training

Check out my new online training class, Scrum for Managers, on Front Row Agile!

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The Scrum Field Guide

The Scrum Field Guide is a top selling book on Amazon. Full of tips and tricks, it will help you with a successful Agile adoption! Get it today!

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Grow your Knowledge

Agile can feel like you are lost in a forest. We can help you. Training and coaching can help, sometimes it's just a little more information that is needed.

Intro to Agile & Scrum

Don't Get Stuck in the Past

The world is moving at breakneck speed. We have a wide range of services to prevent you from becoming history.

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Cross the Bridge

Looking for a tool? Head over to the Resources section to download Excel files, Sprint Timelines or Watch a video.

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Stand Out

We offer Scrum Alliance sanctioned Scrum training and more. We can also customize any one of our training classes to suit your specific business, teams or needs.

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Why Us

MitchWhy Us?

Simple. Years of experience, a broad network of associates, a rich background in a variety of industries and technologies, a pragmatic "no-bull" approach and most importantly, we're fun and will keep you engaged. Interested?

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