Sometimes research and training just aren’t enough. Often, especially with a methodology like Scrum that seems simple but takes years to perfect, organizations need someone to come to them, see how they work, and guide them through the obstacles and trouble spots. At Mitch Lacey & Associates, we will work with you to steer your team to success.

Coaches help other people implement the right change for their context through listening, feedback, facilitation, guidance, and skill transfer. Coaching requires a diverse set of skills and tools to enable teams with different organizational, cultural, and technical challenges. For a receptive organization, high-quality coaching often translates to successful Agile adoption. Unfortunately, these skills and tools, especially in the Agile context, are still not documented enough and the forums for learning them are few.

Mitch Lacey & Associates uses coaching to support you through the adoption of new practices. This is done after a training session which baselines the organzation. We work hand in hand with project teams in the role of a player-coach. We work on your schedule that can vary from intensive to light. If needed, we have a network of coaches so that we can bring in experts who the right experience for your team.

Contact us. We will start discussing your needs and how we can help.