Keynote: Agile Transition Patterns - Agile Adria, Zagreb Croatia, 2013

Learning something new is quick and easy, right? Just snap you fingers and Bam! The job is done. As crazy as it might sound, most companies seem to think they can wave an agile magic wand and transform their entire organization overnight. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In his time roaming the planet, Mitch Lacey has come across many companies who are trying to transition to agile. In that time, he's seen teams stumble, fumble, and bumble through agile transitions, with varying degrees of success. In this entertaining session, we'll look at five sure-fire ways to stop your agile transition in its tracks. Mitch will share stories and personal accounts of fun and intrigue, misfits and mayhem, sorrow, sadness and fun—all with the goal of helping you recognize, and avoid, patterns that will ultimately lead to failure.