Architecture in Agile Projects

Architecture: Big design up front, or cowboy ‘design-it-as-you-go’ coding?

Defining Done: Why it's Hard and What to do About It

The next time someone asks, “Is it done?” don’t answer with a half–baked guess.

How to Succeed with the Product Owner role

The product owner role is one of the most underestimated and misunderstood jobs on a Scrum team. A good product owner must be able to juggle business needs, stakeholder demands, and team capacity realities, all in the pursuit of an end product that is on time, on budget, and on target.

Jim Newkirk and Ward Cunningham on Continuous Integration

Ward and Jim get together at Agile Open Northwest in Feb 2009 to talk about CI and merge. Worth the eight minute watch on YouTube.

Keynote: Agile Transition Patterns - Agile Adria, Zagreb Croatia, 2013

Learning something new is quick and easy, right? Just snap you fingers and Bam! The job is done. As crazy as it might sound, most companies seem to think they can wave an agile magic wand and transform their entire organization overnight. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Technical Interviewing - You're Doing it Wrong

Technical interviewing and hiring an agile team can be a challenge. In this video, recorded in January, 2013, Mitch Lacey & Jonathan Wanagel from Microsoft discuss anti-patterns that can lead to corporate dysfunction.

When Team Culture and Company Culture Do Not Mix: Social Deviance

Can adding a team member take down an entire project? It can. Watch this video to hear a story of a project I ran that was almost killed due to team dysfunction.

Working Software is Not Enough

The true measure of project progress is working software - or is it? Recording from Microsoft TechEd Europe 2010, Berlin Germany