Scrum Tools

14 Day Sprint Timeline Diagrams

The Sprint 14 Day Timeline Activities diagram provides you and your team a quick reference for the activities that happen in a Sprint. These are based on current Scrum thinking (books, articles) and my experience running Scrum projects.

Prioritizing and Estimating Large Backlogs

This is an estimation game based on Mitch Lacey’s book The Scrum Field Guide: Practical Advice For Your First Year. In this game, note cards represent user stories or other work items. The following description is adapted from Mitch’s book: Scrum A Year One Survival Guide. Clicking on the image to the right will start an instant play Innovation Game®.

Scrum Framework Flow Diagram

This is a picture of the Scrum Framework in PNG format. Feel free to reuse it as long as you keep the copyright information in the image.

Sprint Excel Templates

A tried-and-true Microsoft Excel Sprint backlog template and tracking tool for agile and Scrum projects.