Mixing Roles in Scrum: A Recipe for Failure

We put a lot of emphasis on being Renaissance workers, able to step comfortably from one job role to the next. But, as Mitch Lacey describes here, not all roles play nicely with each other, and trying to combine them may lead to disaster.

The Impact of Poor Estimating and What To Do About It

The team, running Scrum by-the-book for three months, was continually failing to meet its delivery dates. As a result, trust between the business managers and the team degraded almost to a point-of-no-return.

Transitioning to Agile: Key Lessons Learned in the Field

With the rising popularity and success of Agile methods in technology circles, many organizations have attempted to transition their development processes to a leaner, more customer focused development model

When Team Culture and Company Culture Do Not Mix: Social Deviance

Can adding a team member take down an entire project? It can. Watch this video to hear a story of a project I ran that was almost killed due to team dysfunction.