MSDN Article: Prioritization

January 2012, MSDN. In this article, Mitch Lacey discusses three methods that have proven very beneficial for many Agile teams: the Kano Model of Customer Satisfaction, a series of Innovation Games by Luke Hohmann, and Karl Weigers’ Relative Weighting model. Any of these can help you move from rough prioritization of your backlog to a precise ordering that satisfactorily weighs risk, importance, and customer satisfaction.

MSDN Article: Sprint Planning

January 2012, MSDN. Sprint planning does not need to be challenging. It is often fun and a time for the entire Scrum team to build camaraderie by working together to answer the question of “What can we commit to?” In this article, the authors provide examples and strategies for keeping sprint planning focused and effective, and detail potential solutions to common problems teams encounter when planning a sprint.

Thinking about Agile in DoD, November 2013

Thinking About Agile in DoD. Stephen Welby Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering AFEI. Agile for Government Summit November 21, 2013.