Agile Government: Elusive, But Not Impossible (Really)

From Information Week: Government, Feb 2012. A coming together of technologies and IT management philosophies at the federal level---including agile development and shared services--is cause for guarded optimism.

Article: United States Government Accountability Office - Effective Practices and Federal Challenges in Applying Agile Methods July 2012

GAO identified 32 practices and approaches as effective for applying Agile software development methods to IT projects. The practices generally align with five key software development project management activities: strategic planning, organizational commitment and collaboration, preparation, execution, and evaluation. Officials who have used Agile methods on federal projects generally agreed that these practices are effective. Specifically, each practice was used and found effective by officials from at least one agency, and ten practices were used and found effective by officials from all five agencies.

Distributed Agile Development at Microsoft patterns & practices

This is a paper from my colleague Ade Miller at Microsoft. It is about Distributed Agile Development at Microsoft patterns & practices. It's a good read.

"Four"warned Is Forearmed

The fourth question in Scrum is used for helping identify early risks in new teams that may not surface through more traditional approaches.

GE Becomes More Agile

A May 30, 2012 article in the Wall Street Journal illustrating how General Electric is starting to use Scrum and agile methods and principles.

Homeland Security Tackles Agile Development

From Information Week: Government, Feb 2012: DHS plans a big push toward more agile development, where software is developed over a series of one- or two-week sprints.

How Do We Know When We Are Done?

"Are you done yet?" The answer to this question may sink your career, your team and your project. If you respond with a "yes," you may be forced to take on additional work. If you say "no," you may be branded as someone who can't get things done.

Mixing Roles in Scrum: A Recipe for Failure

We put a lot of emphasis on being Renaissance workers, able to step comfortably from one job role to the next. But, as Mitch Lacey describes here, not all roles play nicely with each other, and trying to combine them may lead to disaster.

MSDN Article: Building and Managing the Product Backlog

January 2012, MSDN. In this article, Mitch Lacey explains the importance of a product backlog, describes what makes a good backlog, and provides some best practices for creating and maintaining your backlog.

MSDN Article: Estimating

January 2012, MSDN. Mitch Lacey discusses the difficulty surrounding software project estimation, and provides tips and tricks for using two agile software estimation techniques when estimating projects.