Certified Scrum Master with Mountain Goat Software Training — Live & Online

Daily Live Class Attendance

During these sessions, there will be live discussions and group exercises facilitated by your instructor via Zoom. Zoom is an easy to use online meeting and video conferencing software and you’ll receive full instructions about how to join your online class after you register.

Daily Self-Study about ~3 Total Hours of Videos

Before each live class, you will receive some videos to watch for that specific class. You will need to watch those videos before you attend the live class so you are prepared to discuss them.

The course format consists of multiple lecture topics, group exercises, and group discussion. Ample time will be devoted to the analysis of the “real-world” industry experiences of the Scrum Master Course instructor based on case study examples and his experience managing Agile projects and coaching Scrum teams.

CSM Exam Fee and Scrum Alliance Membership Included

At the end of this course, successful participants will be eligible to take the Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master exam, a multiple-choice online test that starts you on your journey to a successful transformation. Additionally, you will receive a complimentary two-year membership to the Scrum Alliance, which provides you discounts to Scrum Gatherings, allows you access to member-only content such as past Gathering videos, and more.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Agile - Gain a deep understanding of how the Agile Manifesto came about, when and when not to use agile methods and what it means to be an agile team.
  • Roles in Scrum - What is the job of the Scrum Master? How about the Product Owner and the Team? Learn deep insights into these roles and how they work collaboratively together.
  • The Impacts of Multitasking - We take a journey through the world of multitasking to really understand the negative impacts it brings to teams.
  • The Product Backlog - The Product Backlog is the key to any successful Scrum team. We will explore what comprises a good Product Backlog, techniques for managing it and what happens when it goes unattended.
  • Sprinting - In this part of the course, we dive deep into the components of a well assembled Sprint Backlog, what it really means to be done, abnormal terminations and how to decide on Sprint length.
  • Release Planning - Release planning is a core component of good project management. This does not change with Scrum. We will explore how to build a release plan and estimate when the work will be delivered.
  • Scaling Scrum to the Enterprise - Not all teams are in the same office, let alone the same building. We will look at how companies have successfully scaled Scrum to work in the enterprise.

Upcoming classes

Our Certified Scrum Master Training with Mountain Goat Software combines two industry leaders, Mike Cohn and Mitch Lacey. This class, through our partner Mountain Goat Software, is a two-day course which introduces the concepts of Agile project leadership using the Scrum methodology. This course will teach students how to plan and run Sprint Planning Meetings, daily Scrum Meetings, Sprint Reviews, Sprint Retrospectives and more.

Upcoming Courses

How it Works

I highly recommend Mitch’s Agile class to help you get Scrum correct. It’s easy to read a book on scrum but a little harder to get it working in practice. This is where Mitch’s coaching really helps fill in those gaps and actually make the Agile setup work well for you.

Todd Burke
Software Engineer, Adobe Systems

I need to recommend Mitch because he is a fantastic trainer with a lot of knowledge and experience regarding Scrum. During the entire training he was very precise in all the information/knowledge and passed interested in planting the Scrum seed in our heads. The Scrum Master training was and is very useful and I’m very happy that the Trainer was Mitch. Thanks Mitch.

Eduardo Ribeiro
Project Manager, Certified Scrum Master, Blip.pt

I had the opportunity to undergo Scrum Master training conducted by Mitch for Microsoft IT team and should say that I was lucky to take that training. He has amazing knowledge on Scrum and Agile principles and his every single word during the training made me to understand the value of the Scrum process that we were following in our team daily. He added more sense to his explanations by quoting real-time examples and project scenarios which made it very easy to relate and understand the principles better. I would highly recommend him to anyone planning to take Scrum related training offerings that he provides.

Baalavignesh Arumugam
Software Engineer 2, Microsoft

Mitch is an excellent Agile Coach and Trainer who knows how to keep peoples attention. His coaching skills and teaching style put students at ease, encouraging participation with well thought out exercises that reinforce learning. I’ve already recommended other organizations consider Mitch for Agile Coaching, he is one of the best educators I’ve taken a class with.

Travis Kay
Security Manager, Demonware