Running a Productive Daily Standup - Scrum Meeting

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The daily standup meeting, or daily scrum, often does not get the respect it deserves. Done correctly, daily standup meetings keep everyone on the same page for the daily deliveries and moving as one toward the sprint goal.

Productive daily standup meetings can be a challenge for some. If a team strays from the strict three question and answer format, they soon will find that they’re spending far too much time talking and not enough time doing. Common obstacles teams run into include:

  • Should we do a deep dive in the meeting?
  • What do we do when people show up late?
  • What if one person constantly dominates the meeting?
  • We can’t get our meeting done in fifteen minutes. What do we do?

Solving these all-too-common problems is essential to running a productive daily standup meeting. Let’s take a look at a story about an ineffective daily standup, discuss what went wrong and how to fix it, then find ways to ensure that your team’s daily standup becomes/stays productive.

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