Better Software Magazine Article on Interviewing & Hiring

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Hiring people for any role on an agile team (manager, ScrumMaster, product owner, team member, or architect) is challenging. It’s even more difficult using traditional hiring methods. Even though candidates might be able to answer your questions and prove their C++ programming skills, what you really want are people who are competent and capable, work well with others, and will fit in with your team. Immersive interviewing is the best way I know to hire for agile software development teams—or for any other position in your organization. And like all good agile practices, it begins and ends with the team.

Determining Sprint Length

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There is no one-size-fits-all, magic bullet for determining a sprint length that works well for every team. Originally, Scrum called for one-month sprints, but nowadays many teams have been successful with two-week or even one-week sprints.


Release Planning in Agile (Scrum and XP) Projects

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The most frequently asked question on any project might be, “When will you be done?” or “Will you have it all done by a certain date?” We all have experienced times when our projections have been way off and we’ve suffered as a result. Scrum promises a more adaptable planning scenario, one that allows for and indeed expects change. But does that promise mean that we don’t have toor can’tdo release planning any more?

The simple answer is no.