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Better Software Magazine Article on Interviewing & Hiring

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Hiring people for any role on an agile team (manager, ScrumMaster, product owner, team member, or architect) is challenging. It’s even more difficult using traditional hiring methods. Even though candidates might be able to answer your questions and prove their C++ programming skills, what you really want are people who are competent and capable, work well with others, and will fit in with your team. Immersive interviewing is the best way I know to hire for agile software development teams—or for any other position in your organization. And like all good agile practices, it begins and ends with the team.

Waterfall is King.


Agile aficionados seem to have it out for the old faithful waterfall process. For years now, they have claimed that a requirements document cant ever be complete, that you cant possibly know everything upfront, and that waterfalls guarantees of...